About Carla-Mari Moore

Carla-Mari Moore completed her BA Degree at the University of Stellenbosch with majors in English literature, Philosophy and Psychology. She then went on to attain her International Chef qualification and spent some time in the culinary world. She has been spreading her passion for helping others and her love for working with people by co-owning Gutsy Tutoring, Gutsy Green and blogging about what she loves and wants to share with others!
  • child cope with stress

Helping your Child to Cope with Stress

Helping your Child to Cope with Stress Childhood Stress. What? That’s something only reserved for adults, right? Wrong. Children of all ages battle with stress from various everyday factors in their lives. Their angst is as real as ours when it comes to handling the abundance of tasks, tests, sporting events and peer pressure

  • family health 2017

Kick Start your Family’s Health in 2017!

Kick Start your Family’s Health in 2017! It’s a New Year and for most of us this means the very best of intentions to start the year healthy, happy and ready to kick some serious butt! However, these ideals usually fall by the wayside after a week or two. Wouldn’t you like to make 2017

  • back to school tips for parents

Back to School Tips For Parents 2017!

Back to School Tips & Success for 2017! After a long holiday of late nights, snacking all day and kids running rampant, the New Year is fast approaching. As time zooms on, much quicker than you realize, there are quite a few things you should get under your belt to have a successful start to

  • prepare lunches for school

How to Make Delicious, Nutritious School lunches, easy

How to Make Delicious, Nutritious School lunches, easy Life has become so rushed and fast paced that we hardly have time to feed ourselves decent meals, let alone make the effort to pack healthy lunches for our kids. The majority of parents resort to handing out tuck shop money or hastily wrapping last night’s

  • what to do in the holidays

15 Things to do in the Holidays

What to do in the Holidays? 15 Things to do When You’re at Home this Holiday The school holidays are on their way and you couldn’t be happier! A good few weeks without having to get up early and go to school in the dark, no homework, no teachers and best of all you

  • Children-need-chores

How to make chores a joy and stress free for your children

How to make chores a joy and stress free for your children Chores can be a nightmare in most households for both parents and children. The uphill battle when giving your children tasks to carry out usually follows the same pattern of asking nicely; explaining why said chore is necessary; threatening and then eventually either

  • failure doesn't define you

Failure Does Not Define You

Failure Does not Define You: “The simple truth is no great success was ever achieved without failure.” As parents, you want your children to be happy, confident and able to deal with the many, many little life lessons that they will experience as they grow up. However, we all have to stumble and lose

  • tips for exams

Top Tips for Exams

Our Top Tips for Exams School is underway and the exams are literally around the corner! Don’t get caught last minute and feel stressed out when it comes to preparing yourself. Rather use these helpful tips and tricks to get yourself in gear and make the test period worry free and a huge success!  

  • Tips to Prevent Burnout

7 Tips to Prevent Burnout

7 Proven Tips to Prevent Burnout Previously we dealt with the signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing or heading towards burnout. We will now be sharing 7 ways in which to prevent yourself from reaching this point and how to manage your life better, in order to take care of you.  

  • how to choose what to study in university

Choosing what to study in in College/University

7 Tips for Choosing what to study in in College/University Are you still stuck trying to figure out what to do with your life after high school and how to choose what you want to study in college? The year is moving on, but it’s not too late to pick a career path and follow

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