What to do in the Holidays? 15 Things to do When You’re at Home this Holiday

The school holidays are on their way and you couldn’t be happier! A good few weeks without having to get up early and go to school in the dark, no homework, no teachers and best of all you can watch as much TV as you want all day every day. However, even this blissful way of life can become boring. What do you do then? How do you possibly make the most of your time and not simply waste away the days? You take a look at our list of 15 things to do int he holidays!

1. Movie Marathon Nights

Round up your friends, grab some popcorn, choccies and loads of other snacks, because you will be needing them to stay awake! Get your favourite movies together and pull an all-nighter at a friends place. Movie marathon nights are a must during the holidays.


2. Change up your Bedroom

A change is really as good as a holiday and that’s exactly why you should waste no time in moving around some furniture, painting the walls, changing up the posters and giving your room a whole new look.

3. Sleep Under the Stars
Get your tent and your best bud ready and sleep in the backyard one night. Camping is seriously fun and a night under the stars is a vital part of any good holiday! Tell scary stories, play Truth or Dare and eat way too much sugar.


4. Volunteer at a Shelter

Why not give back a little and help out at the SPCA or volunteer at a soup kitchen this holiday? Take just one day out of your vacation and do something good for others. You will be surprised at how good you will feel after giving back a little and how grateful for your own circumstances.


5. Make Breakfast for Lunch or Dinner

It’s holiday! So why not eat pancakes and waffles all day? Or cook bacon, flip some flapjacks and cover them with honey for dinner? Breakfast for supper is a great treat once in a while and a lot of fun to make!


6. Get a Job

Earn some extra cash and treat yourself this school holiday. There are loads of part time jobs out there for teenagers and you are sure to find the perfect one to rake in some money. You can walk dogs, house sit, baby sit, paint the neighbour’s garage, do waitering or even promotion work.


7. Play Mini Golf

A round of putt putt or mini golf can make for one heck of a fun and often hilarious afternoon with your friends. Try your hand at getting that hole in one and have a good laugh while at it!


8. Bake a Cake

Get that wooden spoon out and bake a cake or any other delicious treat at home one day. Baking is fun, creative and a great way to pass the time if you’re bored. Bonus: you will have something delicious to show for it afterwards!


9. Go Local

Keep an eye out for things to do and go to around your neighbourhood. There are often shows, fun activities and things to do close by that you may not even be aware of. Surf the internet or call your local mall as there is always something on offer.


10. Throw a Dinner party

We’ve all seen the show “Come Dine with Me”. Why not host your own dinner party with some friends? You can make home made pizzas or go really gourmet and enjoy an evening of chilling and dining with your mates. You can take turns hosting and cooking or all jump in and even have a braai.

11. Make your own Movie
This proves to be seriously fun time and time again. Think up a crazy story, maybe reenact a favourite horror movie; bring your acting skills and action! Making a home movie is a fantastic way to spend a day and watching your movie afterwards is super entertaining.


12. Play Board games

This has never gone out of style and is always a fun way to spend some time with your siblings or your friends. Stay in your pyjamas for the day and dig out all those old board games for a day of Battleships, Monopoly 30 Seconds and all those other favourites.


13. Go Ice Skating

Whether you are a pro or a complete novice creating havoc on the ice, lace up those boots and go ice skating. Make sure you are warmly dressed and test out your skills on the ice! Go with friends and have a blast while actually getting some pretty good exercise.


14. Plan a Treasure Hunt

This is an awesome way to spend a day in doors if it is raining outside. Plan a fun treasure hunt for your brother, sister or your best friend. Come up with clues and make them go all over the house to find the prize at the end. You will have tons of fun coming up with all the ideas and clues and even more fun watching your friend try to make sense of it all.


15. Get Fit

There are loads of fun classes you can join at your local gym or you can round up your friends and do yoga, go running or play tennis. There are so many options out there for you to break a sweat while having a good time.

We hope these ideas have provided you with some fun possibilities to try out this June holiday! Enjoy the well deserved break!