7 Proven Tips to Prevent Burnout

Previously we dealt with the signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing or heading towards burnout. We will now be sharing 7 ways in which to prevent yourself from reaching this point and how to manage your life better, in order to take care of you.


1. Learn to say “No”

For people suffering from burnout this is arguably the hardest part to master. But, and here is the big but, you have to start saying NO. The more tasks and responsibilities that you take on, the less time you have to breathe and actually go through your daily life. When you overload your “task bucket” it will eventually spill over and this leaves us feeling drained and unable to handle anything at all, much less finish what we set out to do.

Remember: you are not the bad guy for saying no to something being asked of you. You are simply showing yourself some respect.


2. Take a serious look at your Priorities

Sit down and make a list of all the things that you are busy doing at the moment; and all the things you have set yourself up to do in the next short space of time. How many of these are truly important? How many are for you and how many for others? What are the consequences of taking a few things off from your workload? Do you really have to help out at that function or quiz your friend before the exams, when you are desperate for some sleep?

Take a few minutes to sit back and evaluate what you have to do and what you can let go of and do without. And then let go and get rid of the things you don’t need to be doing.


3. Accept help

For those of us who like to take on loads of tasks and do as much as we can, accepting help feels as if we are admitting defeat. We feel we have failed, simply because we cannot do everything by ourselves. The sad thing is, however, the more we take on and attempt to do; the higher we are at risk of complete burnout and doing damage to our own personal health.

When someone offers to lend a hand, accept it. Accept the fact that you cannot, and should not, be doing as much as you are. We all deserve an extra hand from time to time and are not less when we make use of it.


4. Make time for You

This is crucial when it comes to preventing burnout and exhaustion. When your day is swallowed up with commitments to other people you cut yourself off from much needed “me time”. It is essential that we all have some alone time to wind down, relax and recuperate ourselves mentally and emotionally at some point during the day. Whether you take 20 minutes to enjoy a good cup of coffee or go for a run or even veg out in front of your favourite sitcom, ensure that you carve out a time slot for yourself in order to rejuvenate.


5. Get some Rest and Relaxation

All too often we think we can simply work, work, work and keep going without any worry or need to stop and take a breather. This is a huge mistake as you are ultimately going to wind up hitting a brick wall and suffering from exhaustion. Make yourself a priority and fast. Take time out of your day or on the weekend at the very least and ensure that you relax and do something that you enjoy and that is just for yourself. The hour you spend getting a massage or enjoying a lunch out with a friend will do wonders for your stress levels and general well being.


6. Stop being so Hard on Yourself

For those experiencing or heading towards burnout, the need to be perfect and do everything asked of you is a big part of your stress and daily frustrations. It’s tough work being there for everyone and doing the best job you can in all areas of your life, and this adds a great deal of unnecessary pressure on your already overloaded shoulders. So, why do it? Why put yourself through all this turmoil on a daily basis? Accept the fact that you are doing your very best and that’s good enough.


7. Monitor Your Progress

Keep track of how hard you work each week and how your anxiety levels and general health is doing. Are you finding yourself tense and stressed out on certain days with certain tasks? Do you experience anxiety in any specific situations? Take note of what triggers negative emotions and then eliminate those activities from your life, where possible. Removing unnecessary stressors from your everyday will make a big difference in your overall well being in the long run.

When next your are feeling overwhelmed and pressured, take a few minutes out of your day to put some of these tips into place and save yourself from burnout.