8 Tips to Know Before Starting Your Business

You’re all starry eyed and enthusiastic and you “just know your business venture is going to be a success”. That may be so, but you will experience many bumps on the road to getting there. Here are some of our top tips for starting your business as you pave your way to entrepreneurial triumph.


1. Focus on you’re their needs, not Yourself:

Much as your new business venture may be your ticket out of the 9-5 humdrum of everyday life, you need to realize early on that your sole focus cannot be on making money. For you to truly succeed in the business world you have to build up a solid client base and this comes from reaching out and giving your clients what they need through your specific service. Adding value to the lives of others will determine and enhance your long term success. Good client relationships will stand you in good steed as your business grows and the profit will follow. Just ask yourself How can I add value to as many people as possibe?


2. You don’t need huge start up capital:

Contrary to what you might have heard you do not need tons of capital to build your business. Some of the best entrepreneurs started with hardly any money at all and they turned their dream into a reality. Many of the business greats begged, borrowed and scraped together what they could in order to grow. Have a the end in mind while you start your new venture. Make sure that the picture or goal you are visualizing is at the centre piece of everything that you do. This will in turn create your to do-lists, keep you on track if you sway and it will make sure that you follow through when times get tough.


3. Every business needs a blog:

Supress the urge to be sceptical here, as blogging has become a business in itself and with good reason. The world as we know it is driven digitally. People buy food online, clothes, equipment, gifts, furniture, anything you can put a name on really. And while they are online making purchases they are clicking on adverts and blogs that relate to their interests. If you have a business, then put your name out there and do it now. Get a presence and be heard. Blogging is cost effective and consumers will read what you have to say. However, make sure you write the right content to promote your business.


4. Learn More to Make More:

You may have watched your father do business while growing up and he may well have been very good at it, however, you do not in fact know everything. There is always more to learn and experience to gain. Research innovative new methods, the latest technology, talk to others, make mistakes and grow. Never assume that you are 100% there when it comes to business. You will never be and that’s a fact. There is always some new whiz kid who is bettering your last effort and rightly so, as we have to continue to bite from that age old humble pie as we move forward in life. Think of it this way: you studied in school to pass your grades. You are required to keep on studying in order to reach new heights as an entrepreneur.


5. Branding is Key:

The fashion industry has this one right: “Image is everything, dahling”. The image you create for your business is the first impression you put out there to the world. Each and every person that somehow comes into contact with your brand will have an opinion on how you present yourself. In this area there are no two ways about it: make wise decisions about your branding image and do not hesitate to spend some money to create something of value. Do not go completely overboard and blow your entire budget on this, but do not skimp either. You want to build a quality brand that is both impressive and respected by your consumers as well as your competition.


6. Consistency:

Crafting a fantastic, awe inspiring dead sexy branding image is great. Not living up to the high standards you have set for yourself, is not. Make sure that you are continually developing your business and moving forward every single day. If you are promoting yourself as the very best at something, live up to it. People like consistency and your client base will appreciate as well as respect your constant good service.


7. Never (ever) give up:

All businesses undergo good times as well as bad times. Things may fall part a bit, you may lose a client or ten or you may find yourself doubting what in heaven’s name made you do this in the first place!? This is the point at which you need to grit your teeth and press on. Remind yourself what your end goal is and don’t back down. We have to get through the rough times to appreciate when we make it big and our hard work pays off. At some point all entrepreneurs have found themselves at the bottom and struggling to climb back up, but they push forward and they will attest to being grateful that they did.


8. Find a Mentor:

This point is fundamental in cultivating any business as there will be numerous times when you will not know what you are doing or where you are going and you will need guidance. If you do not already have a mentor, then make the effort to find one. Whether it is someone you personally know or someone who is an outsider to your current venture, but has a solid amount of advice to offer; make the choice to find an advisor to talk to. Pick their brain, ask the same question over and over until you get it right and learn all that you can from them. Two heads are always better than one and can be a saving grace when you are in dire need of direction.

We hope these tips will enhance your business as they have ours. Share what you have learnt with us and the pieces of advice that have helped you to grow. We would love to hear.