How to Earn Extra Money this Summer!


The end of year Summer holiday that we are all dreaming of is on its’ way and we want to enjoy it as much as possible! But unfortunately, we can’t always ask mom and dad to keep handing out the cash. Here are our top 15 ways to be earning extra money this Summer so that you never have to miss out on events with your friends, because you don’t have enough cash.


  1. House sitting:

Are your neighbours or your aunt and uncle gearing up for a trip? Ask your family and friends if they are going on holiday soon and if they need someone to look after the house. Help ease their minds as you take care of their house while they are away. The pay is usually rewarding and you will have ample time to put your feet up and relax while channel surfing and ordering pizza.


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  1. Dog Walker:

Stretch your legs while collecting some cash as you walk your way to extra income! Hand out flyers to your neighbours, put some pamphlets in post boxes and keep fit while taking the pooches for a power walk in the mornings.


  1. Tutor Others:

Share your knowledge with others while making some fantastic money on the side! Join a first rate tutoring company, like Gutsy Tutoring, and use your knowledge to become anything from a maths tutor, english tutor, afrikaans tutor or even accounting tutor in All areas of South Africa . It could very well turn it into a very rewarding and profitable job experience, plus you can build your CV while you’re at it.


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  1. Unleash Your Inner Prince or Princess for a Day:

Ever noticed the Barbie Princess at your little sister’s birthday party? Why not dust off those magical slippers and join a party company! You will get to play dress up and really add to some little boy or girl’s special day as you play games and spread some party cheer.


  1. Become a Camp Guide:

Light a fire, row down some rapids and become a holiday hero for the kids on camp! No older brother or sister experience needed. Simply apply to work with a known school camp or family camp ground and have some serious fun as you show the younger crowd the ropes when it comes to having holiday fun!


  1. Spin a Sign:

Ever see those guys on the side of the road, you know the ones, having a blast as they spin signs pointing you towards your local KFC or Pick ‘n Pay outlet? Why not test your skills as you spin your way to extra cash in the afternoons! It’s safe and easy to do. Simply walk into your favourite fast food place for a bite and throw in an application while you’re there.


  1. Summer Sports Coach:

Are you a soccer whiz or a cricket aficionado? Teach younger kids and help out at local holiday sports programmes as you share your talents and help others grow. Pop in at your old primary school or hand out some pamphlets at the schools around you and get involved!


  1. Personal Shopper:

As we gear up for Christmas many mothers feel overwhelmed as they have to buy presents, take care of their kids and still find time to prepare a feast of note for the in laws for Christmas day lunch. Why not offer your services and run errands, pick up some groceries and ease some stress and grey hairs for the mom’s in and around your neighbourhood? Make sure that you are 100% trustworthy and reliable though, as this time of year can be very stressful for some!


  1. Babysitting:

Ah, the classic babysitter. A time honoured tradition when it comes to making some extra money. What could be easier than playing with a little kid, watching some dvd’s and eating ice cream before sending them on their way to bed? Ok, so it’s not always that easy, but it’s a great way to earn money while learning some responsibility.


  1. Help out at Home:

Does your dad need the garage cleaned and organized? Does your mom need help baking Christmas cookies? Put on that apron and get to work! As they are your parents, you can negotiate a great rate and pick up on some of the chores around the house to earn your way to Summer fun with your friends.


  1. Hold a Yard Sale:

You know those dusty old boxes down in the basement overflowing with all your old toys, that mom just hasn’t been able to part with when she reminisces about you as the cute little kiddo you once were? Turn those childhood memories into cash as you clean up your toys and hold a yard sale. Throw in some cupcakes and other sweet treats, and you are sure to make a killing!


  1. Try your hand at being a Waiter:

Summer is the busiest time for weddings, parties and company events and catering companies as well as restaurants and wine estates are always looking for reliable casual staff to help out over the festive season. The pay is pretty good and you will get to meet some very cool people. You may even be allowed to snack on some scrumptious left overs after the events are over!


  1. Set up a Sweet Store:

If you’re a passionate baker and have some serious skills, why not start your own little business this Summer? Bake your way to extra income as you deliver cupcakes, cakes, fudge and cookies to your neighbours to enjoy over the holiday season!


  1. Promote Local Events:

Turn your Facebook following into a lucrative business opportunity as you get others in on the hottest gigs and events of the season. Check out local promotion agencies online and see how you can get involved in promoting the coolest parties this Summer!


  1. Sell your Old Textbooks:

Turn that pesky Algebra book into some easy cash as you hand in your old high school or University textbooks to second hand stores who will gladly accept your old books to resell to other students for the following year. Make sure your books are in good condition though, as that will earn you the best price.



When next you are trying to figure out how to squeeze some money out of your parents and they won’t budge, try these ideas out and see how easy it is to earn your ay to financial freedom this Summer!