How to Study Effectively for Final Exams!


Congratulations, you have survived the first half of the academic year! You’ve made it. There are only a few months to go and then you will be on holiday and able to relax and sleep in the sunshine! For many of us, this last stretch engulfs us in an impending wave of doom as we envision the uphill battle that is year end finals prep. Yet, this need not be so. There is, in fact, another way and that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel does exist. Follow these 6 effective study methods and tips to take control of your studies and bask in the joy of great results.


  1. Get Your Mind Right in order to study effectively:

There is no point slaving away at your desk if your emotions are not in it. Attempting to study while your mind is elsewhere or that little voice in your head is screaming “this sucks! Get me out of here already!” will be of no aid in your quest for good marks. You have to be realistic. Take the time to sit down and write what you would like to achieve for each subject. Yes, even for that Advanced Calculus course you have regretted taking ever since the first day of class. Set goals and get your heart into it. Having a positive outlook will do wonders for your concentration and will also enhance your ability to withhold information This is the first step that needs to be achieved in order to know how to study effectively.


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  1. Like the Place You are Studying in:

This may sound a little silly, but think for a minute about your chosen study spot. Does it allow enough light, peace and quiet and are you comfortable? So often we force ourselves to sit and work while we are uncomfortable and battling to focus. Your progress and study methods will ultimately take a beating when you are not truly happy with where you are. We are not encouraging you to study in front of the TV, wonderful as that may be, but ensure that you not only prioritize your study time, but your study space as well. You will have to endure a lot of hours while preparing for your exams and you need to feel relaxed and free to read in silence and repeat out aloud what you have just learnt.


  1. Energize and Eat Healthy:

With the stress of preparing for exams, attending classes and extra curricular activities, we leave very little time for taking care of ourselves. We sleep way too little, eat junk food and snack late at night and we inhale copious amounts of coffee as we sprout a few extra grey hairs during exam periods. This may appear to be the only way to survive this trying time, but we are actually doing ourselves a lot of harm. It is of the utmost importance to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and snack on health foods while we are studying. The bad foods and lack of sleep inhibit our ability to focus and creates fluctuating mood swings. Your health is as important as your results and you cannot achieve the one without the other. Without food, effective studying can not take place.


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  1. Be Wary of Study Groups:

It may seem a fantastic idea at the time to work with our classmates, but a lot of group study time tends to go into catching up and joking around. Unless you and your friends are able to genuinely challenge each other, discuss work and problem solve for a solid hour, a study group may not be the best choice. Weigh up the pros and cons of working in a group versus studying alone, and make the right choice. It could be the best of worst decision you make for effective studying and end year marks.


  1. Study to the Best of Your Ability:

Your friends may argue that summarizing every single word is the only way to retain information, but that may not work for you. You might enjoy creating lyrics to your History facts or colour coding your Physics notes and that’s perfectly fine. Consider how you study and if it is truly beneficial. If you are unsure of which method is the best for you, try a few out, read up on various study methods and see what works best for you.


  1. Reward Your Hard Work:

Once you have planned your study schedule and are sticking to it, reward yourself. Prioritize the subjects you have to tackle first in terms of difficulty, and make sure that you knock those out. With each passing day you will be able to cross study slots off your list and you will feel energized and elated as your mountain becomes smaller and smaller. Plan coffee dates with friends or yummy treats to enjoy when you have earned them. If each study day has a “prize” at the end of it, you will be all the more motivated.


Keep these 6 study tips and methods in mind when heading towards your year end finals and enjoy the well deserved rest after! If you are struggling to study effectively, give Gutsy Tutoring a shout and they will guide you through to an end of year exam day success.