Why a Good English tutor is Important

Being one of the most important and influential languages to date, English opens us up to a myriad of intriguing and exciting possibilities. Through literature, the spoken language and the ability to convey one’s opinion, English affords us the opportunity to connect with others anywhere in the world. The following are our top 5 reasons why a good English tutor can be an incredibly positive influence in our lives.

1. Passionate English Tutors

Great English tutors truly love what they do. They are passionate about books, movies, poetry, and many other facets that they will encourage you to explore this language and in doing so allow yourself to learn new things that broaden your view on not only English but life itself.

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2. Sharing Knowledge

An English tutor never gets tired of being asked questions and never pretends to know everything. They relish at the chance to leap into action and discover new facts and have their minds lit up with excitement at the prospect of sharing their new found knowledge with others. An English tutor will encourage a student to not only raise their marks, but to stretch their minds to new realms of thinking.

3. Each Learner is Different

English tutors appreciate each and every student and how their minds work. Each individual’s opinion is considered and taken into account as the best English tutors know that all students have something to contribute. Open discussions and debates are encouraged as learning and growing can be done in many ways.

4. Good Tutors make it Fun

Skilled English tutors have the ability to make class enjoyable as well as practical. Classes can be exciting and fun, but also cover the required amount of work. Students are able to learn the necessary material while shaping their minds and forming their own opinions and views on the past, present and future.

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5. Tutors Emotional Influence on Tutee

The most valuable asset of an English tutor is the emotional influence they can have on students. A gifted English tutor has their student leaving each lesson with feelings of empowerment and the self belief that comes with being inspired by someone who stands before you and moves you with their love for what they do.

The right tutor for English can have a very powerful effect on each student they interact with, A company that recognizes this is Gutsy Tutoring. As the English language is such an integral part of our everyday lives and comes into play with everything we do, from our studies in various fields to what we watch on television and how we order our food; an English tutor has the ability to impart knowledge in a way that can significantly influence an individual’s life.

About the Author:

Carla-Mari Moore completed her BA Degree at the University of Stellenbosch with majors in English literature, Philosophy and Psychology. She then went on to attain her International Chef qualification and spent some time in the culinary world. She has been spreading her passion for helping others and her love for working with people by co-owning Gutsy Tutoring, Gutsy Green and blogging about what she loves and wants to share with others!

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