10 Awesome Study Tips & Skills

Studying. The word itself can send you into a pool of sweat and anxiety as you remember the countless battles you have had in the past preparing for your exams. What if there were new improved ways to achieve those results that were actually, wait for it, fun to use to kick some serious academic butt? Here are our top 10 studying tips to get your brain boosted and breaking boundaries.


  1. Get Your Hiny Moving:

Research has shown that moving, dancing or even skipping around the room while memorizing work out aloud can do wonders when trying to remember facts and figures for a test. Think about it: we can recall every lyric to our favourite songs, so why not belt out that long lost of historical dates next time you are studying.


  1. Quiz, Quiz, Quiz and Quiz Some more:

Be your own game show host and test your study skills. Or, work with a group of friends and turn preparing for your Biology final into a team contest with questions about the work and a prize at the end. It makes for great fun and the goal of winning is a fantastic motivator to study hard.


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  1. Work Smarter, not Harder:

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to tie yourself down to a chair for 5 hours to get in all the information you need to do well in an exam. Rather, break your studying up into sections and plan what you need to study in advance. Take little breaks in between each section of work and pace yourself.


  1. Burn Some Calories to Build Your Brain:

Those gym bunnies have it right! Get just 30 minutes of exercise daily to improve your memory and energy for hitting the books. Run a few laps around the block and break a sweat, you will release endorphins which improve both your mood, focus and study skills.


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  1. Turn up the Volume:

Research has shown that listening to music while working enhances your concentration and helps you to relax. Whether you prefer classical music or some of the more modern styles, play some music in the background while working through exam papers. Be careful not to blast your speakers and the house down, but let the music flow as you ease into your work with a few less cares on your mind.


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  1. Make the Internet the “anti-net”:

That little “ping” of a text message or the temptation to log onto Facebook every 10 minutes can seriously hinder your progress and performance. Make the effort to do the unthinkable and turn your cell phone and computer off while you spend 2hours working. You will be able to do much more without the constant interruptions and recall your work faster.


  1. Don’t do the All-nighter:

Many of us proclaim that we do our best when under pressure. However, a good night’s sleep before a final is way more important. Try to get an early night’s rest for a week leading up to exam. Your body and mind will be rested and ready to go, rather than exhausted and stressed trying to cram in last minute facts.



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  1. Stretch it Out:

Release your inner “yogi” and do a little “downward dog” as you inhale the fresh air outside. A simple bit of stretching and moving your muscles enables oxygen to flow more freely to your brain and improve the way you retain information.


  1. Teach Yourself:

There is very little point in attempting to study your work word for word, when you cannot even fully understand the concepts to begin with. Simplify your subjects so that you can remember it easier and answer better when you write exams.


  1. Be an Audio Geek:

Maybe you were dozing off a little in class or staring out the window dreaming about the weekend ahead, either way you seriously missed out on some vital information before your exam. What now? Get online and look up the lesson topics you were tuning out. You will find video and audio clips to revise work as many times as you like. This is a tried and trusted tip for studying.


We hope that these tips will serve you well next time your exams are looming. Try them out, invent some new ones of your own and above all, do what works for you.