Our Top Tips for Exams

School is underway and the exams are literally around the corner! Don’t get caught last minute and feel stressed out when it comes to preparing yourself. Rather use these helpful tips and tricks to get yourself in gear and make the test period worry free and a huge success!


1. Plan to Succeed:

Within the first two weeks of school or university, you will receive your exam timetable. Take the opportunity to make a weekly planner and study schedule to follow leading up to your exams. Break your work up into study sections each day and revise on a continual basis. When you are organized and in control, you will find it so much easier to focus on your work each day, and when it comes to the exams themselves you will be fully prepared and sail through each question paper with ease!

Getting into a routine and having a positive plan to succeed will have you in the right space to make the exam period a huge success.


2. Get Plenty of Sleep, and we mean Plenty:

One of the most important ways to ensure that your mind is alert and ready to store information is to get a great night’s sleep. That age old saying that you need 8 hours of sleep is actually true. It has been proven that a minimum of 8 hours is required for optimum performance and focus during the day and that each hour of missed sleep really does catch up with you.

As tough as it may seem, make the effort to get a solid night’s rest during the school term by going to bed a little earlier on the weeknights. Remember that during your exam period, sleep is also essential. It may seem vital that you pull an all nighter and cram all that you can into your brain before you go and write, but that is seriously detrimental to your concentration levels during and after your exam. Studying until all hours will leave you feeling drained, emotionally exhausted and not able to function after you have written, which will result in a lack of focus when preparing later in the day.


3. Find yourself a Secret Weapon:

In search of the very best way to ace those exams? Get help! Get a tutor. Find a professional study buddy to coach you and show you how it’s done.

The help of a tutor is a tried and tested, proven method for improving your marks and self-confidence. A private tutor from a reputable agency will have studied the subjects you are dealing with and seriously know their stuff. They will also be able to show you some pretty nifty methods in which to make your studying a lot easier and more productive. Tutors are trained and experienced to provide guidance, motivation and to clear up the tricky concepts that have been getting you down.

An agency such as Gutsy Tutoring provides passionate, top quality tutors that are flexible and work around your schedule, and are also available out of lesson times when you need, to help you get the results that you want!


4. Cut out the Junk Food and Get some Exercise:

Eating bad food while studying, stressing about studying and sitting on your hiny for hours on end to prepare is not a good combination. Take the time to make healthy snacks to munch on while hitting the books and allow yourself little breaks to stretch your legs and get your heart rate up a bit. Go for a jog early in the morning before you start your studying, as this will leave you refreshed and ready to get cracking. Alternatively, take a proper break from the books halfway through the day and go for a swim or take the dog for a walk. Make sure to get your body moving for at least 30 minutes each day as this boosts productivity, endorphins and all round happy vibes.


5. Change up Your Study Space:

It is super important to find a quiet space where you can focus and not get distracted by all sorts of nonsense while trying to take in all that vital information. However, this same study area day in and day out can have you feeling stifled and confined and that does not do well for motivation or positivity levels.

Find at least three different spaces in which you can concentrate, relax and do what you need, to feel ready for your exams. Switch up your learning area every few days and you will stay motivated, interested and ready to work.


6. Munch down on Superfoods:

Resist the temptation to chow down on unhealthy, greasy foods during the exam period, however comforting they may be. Choose to snack on healthy alternatives that will improve your brain and not damage your waistline. Eat nuts, oats, citrus fruits such as oranges, avocados and lemons and fill up on fish for dinner with green leafy vegetables on the side. Opting for a healthier diet is the smart choice during the term and test periods as these foods will keep you full, feeling great and will not cause your sugar levels to fluctuate.

Another worthy improvement to make is to switch to tea rather than coffee. Too many students tend to inhale cup after cup after cup of caffeine to keep them going. An overload of coffee can cause you to feel edgy and really mess with your sleep patterns if you’ve had too much. Make a cup of tea and sip on that while hitting the books, as tea is full of antioxidants and great for boosting both your mood and your brain functioning.


7. Take Regular Breaks:

All that studying and sitting for hours on end may not be as productive as you think. It has been proven that your brain loses focus after 50 minutes and then you don’t take in as much information as you should. When planning your study day make sure that you enforce break times and short periods to stop and take a breather. This will allow you to recharge your “brain batteries” and to have a clear mind when returning to your work.

Small intervals in your day will not only have you studying quicker, but you will retain a much larger amount of information as well.

Start to incorporate these tips into your daily routine from the start of the new term and you will be guaranteed to achieve your best!