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We source only the best tutors from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria & Durban. We do this by keeping in touch with Universities such as WITS, UCT, University of Johannesburg, Durban University etc. We get a constant supply of quality tutors from Local Universities. We then get to work on screening them and a beginners training guide. Get in touch with us to get a quality tutor from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban.

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Our Cello Tutoring Service

Our private Cello Tutoring Service provides Cello Tutors who have played in symphonies, orchestras and concerts for many years. Our Cello Tutors have a deep love and appreciation for their instruments and are able to take students from a beginner to intermediate level by improving their skills in position, holding their instruments, understanding the rhythm as well as practicing tips and learning new advanced techniques. Let our Cello Lessons add to your confidence and music repertoire today!

Our Result Driven Cello Teachers

Our Private Cello Tutors have studied music and perfected their art for many years. Our tutors know what it takes to master this beautiful instrument and teach their students to love and appreciate what they do. Our tutors work with students of all ages and skill levels as they share our love for helping others grow. Our Private Tutors are here to improve your skills, confidence and talent through their interactive one-one-one classes. 

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